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Lisa Maxime (Max-a-me) founded Zemy Enterprises, a communications consulting firm, to help businesses communicate effectively within their organizations.

With over a 20+ years of experience as a veteran of the United States Navy and a federal employee at the nation’s premier health protection agency, Lisa has extensive knowledge developing strategic communication plans, identifying target audiences, analyzing and auditing communication programs, and much more.

She is passionate about using her expertise in content creation, issues management, and employee communication to help companies reach their internal audiences and achieve their desired goals.

She firmly believes that a company’s success starts with its ability to communicate and engage its employees.

Lisa holds a B.A (Human Resources Management), an M.B.A (Project Management), and an M.H.S.A (Health Services Administration), all from Strayer University.

When she’s not working, she can be found curled up with a good book, sewing, or chauffeuring her children to various extracurricular activities.